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Saturday, April 8th 2006


Good-bye Dani

Well, soon I'll be saying good-bye to Dani Dickens, she's been sold to another ventriloquist.  I will miss her, but....

I bought Dani from Kem Poyner at the 2005 Vent Haven convention, I'd had my eye on her for a long time ("Tina" in Kem's "catalog"), and I finally got her, I was SO happy.

Dani is a truly excellent figure, very well made, and a joy to handle, a super nice figure with tons of personality before she even speaks.  Unfortunately, it just proved too difficult for me to produce a female voice I found suitable and convincing for her, so I put her up for sale. It was NOT an easy decision, I hesitated a great deal, I wanted to keep her anyway, but not only did it not make sense, it seemed such a waste for such a great figure to go to waste sitting in a case.

I feel like a traitor selling her, I just don't know to whom I feel that way more, Kem or Dani!

But I know it's for the better, now hopefully, she will be used as she was intended and should be used, to entertain. And even though I know it's the right thing to do - I know I will still miss this figure a great deal.

To her new owner - enjoy (as I know you will), let her make lots of people happy.

Bye Dani.


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