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Friday, March 31st 2006


Email Lists P.S.

Hahaaaa, I love it!

Posted here before that the safest, least aggravating way to survive an email list is to "lurk" only.  Well, folks, I apologize, apparently, not posting still doesn't make you safe.

Someone posted about being a lurker because of the types of "discussions" (bickering actually) that goes on. Someone else responds with, "as lurkers you contribute nothing to the board".

Okay, and there you have it, there's why the lurkers lurk. It is just not safe. Email lists become a place for a select few to post, others are free to post if they agree with the "regulars". Lurkers may not post, but many I know, read all the messages, well, to a point.....they see, possibly better than the "regulars" what is going on. Foolish be the one that says something, because someone will come up with a comment that puts them back in their "lurker's place" AND criticizes them for being there.

Kind of "damned if you do, damned if you don't".  If I sound down on lists, guess it's because I've seen waaaay too much. Yes, I am a "lurker", but then I have to be because of my personal list watchdog - so what's your excuse - oh yeah, I already covered that. Mind your place, safe or not.



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