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Monday, February 13th 2006


Vent Figure Registry

Well, I'm really using this web journal/blogger thing........  I knew I wouldn't use it as a daily journal. If I were inclined to keep a journal, I still prefer paper and pen.  But I thought it would be worthwhile for posting a note here and there.

Anyway, the figure registry.  Someone had posted a question on the Newsy Vents blogger about a figure registry.  Yes, "Scotty's Vent Figure Registry" is still up and running.  It was basically down for a period when the host went down, and the most recent backup I could get was two years old.  So I lost a lot of updates, but I never expected it to be totally accurate anyway.  Many people have no interest in participating and those who do, usually don't worry about updating their listing.

But, it is just for fun anyway, strictly a curiosity. It can have a practical purpose though.  If someone is thinking about buying a particular figure, they can look in the registry, see who else owns one and email them for feedback on the figure.

You can find the link to the registry on my webpage.


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