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Tuesday, July 19th 2005


New Figure - ConVENTion Souvenier

I brought home a great souvenier from the convention, a new figure by Kem Poyner.
Kem had a vent figure I've been eyeing for probably a couple years now, I knew he was bringing one to the convention and I had pretty well decided before I got there I was going get it. You wouldn't have seen her in the picture Lee took of Kem's table because the poor guy barely got a chance to finish setting up his dealer's table when I was there after her.
Kem calls her "Tina" in his website catalog, which I still call her
sometimes while I work on a name, right now, I'm thinking it might be
"Danielle (Dani) Dickens".
She is a great figure, a lot of personality before she even starts talking.
You can see her pic on my webpage.

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